Children & young people

For us, every day is Children's Rights Day

24 November 2022

Dilan has known for a long time that he wants to live with his father. Since his parents separated, he has lived with his mother and her boyfriend. There are constant arguments at home, the new partner has rejected Dilan and has acted violently. Often, lots of alcohol is involved. Caught in the middle is Dilan, and he is only 9 years old. How can he assert himself against his mother’s wishes and move in with his father? 

Children & young people

An example of legal advice : How Sarah* (age 12) was able to continue attending school five days per week

25 August 2022

How do we support children, youth and their caregivers in challenging situations? In the context of our series of posts on legal advice , we examine a specific example of a girl with disabilities whose lesson time had been reduced due to a lack of financial resources.


What gap is closed by an ombuds office for children’s rights?

16 June 2022
Almost two years have gone by since Parliament approved the bill to create an ombuds office for children’s rights. It is now time for the federal administration to act. By passing this legislation, Parliament acknowledged the void that was accurately described in the bill: despite the existence of at least 58 children’s rights organisations including seven cantonal ombuds offices as well as other such facilities at the local level, there remains a need for yet another ombuds office for children’s rights. How is this possible?