Children’s rights for young war refugees

15 June 2022
Media coverage of the war in Ukraine is everywhere. It includes the stories, destinies and traumas of its refugees, many of whom seek shelter with us here in Switzerland. Uprooted from their social and cultural structures and deprived of their livelihoods, refugees arrive in their host countries in a state of acute dependency. As a result, the risk of discrimination or even the criminal exploitation of these victims is indeed tremendous. 
Children & young people

Example of a consultation: how we helped Fabian* find a permanent solution to his circumstances

15 December 2021

In practical terms, how do we help children and young people? What does it mean when we guarantee children's procedural rights by mediating between professionals and children? To familiarise you with our work, we are introducing a series of narratives that describe recurrent - and thus typical - examples of our counselling activity.