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Deed of Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to provide an independent, national and easy-to-access ombuds office for the advancement of children’s rights. The foundation advises and informs children and young people in Switzerland on their rights and serves as an intermediary between them and, for example, courts, authorities, public or private institutions or organisations that are occupied with the care of children and young people. This work is carried out on the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, their optional protocols, further provisions contained therein, national laws and the Guidelines of the Council of Europe for Child-friendly Justice. It monitors the individual situation and makes recommendations. It undertakes preventive work for the sustained protection and safety of children and young people, reinforces their participation and is oriented towards the best interests of the child. The foundation makes available its expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of the (procedural) rights of children to specialists, educational institutions, legislative bodies as well as policymaking circles and the general public. It also supports the Confederation and the cantons in their awareness-raising work towards the promotion of a child-friendly legal system, provides information in the form of reports, and makes recommendations. It is not bound by instruction, has no party status and no judicial role.

The foundation is a non-commercial organisation and works on a non-profit basis. It is independent as well as religiously and politically neutral.

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On 1 January 2021, the foundation launches the “Ombuds Office Children’s Rights Switzerland” program, with financial support from the Confederation and the cantons, the Zurich Foundation and Zurich Schweiz.


In June 2020, the foundation is established as a pilot and model project for the interim phase until the public-law ombuds office can commence work on a statutory basis.

In March 2020 the Council of States voted 23 to 20, and in September 2020 the National Council voted 138 to 46 (with 1 abstention) in favour of the motion.


Following the interpellation No. 19.3405 "Who closes the gaps in the area of children’s rights?", member of the Council of States Ruedi Noser submits the motion 19.3633 "Ombuds Office Children’s Rights". (Source:


The rights and interests of children and young people in judicial and administrative procedures are not given sufficient consideration or are simply forgotten. The OSKR Alliance, comprising various organisations in the field of children’s rights, is founded. The Alliance calls for a public-law ombuds office at the federal level. (Source:


Member of the National Council Christine Buillard-Marbach submits the motion 14.3758 for an independent ombuds office for the rights of the child, before withdrawing it in September 2016. (Source:


The Council of Europe’s Child-Friendly Justice Guidelines are adopted.


Ratification by Switzerland of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).